Friday, November 28, 2003

Definition of pollution:
Presence of a substance in the environment from chemical composition or quantity prevents produce undesirable environmental and health effects.

Water pollution is a serious problem for the entire world. It threatens the health and well being of humans, plants and animals.
All water pollution is dangerous to the health of living organisms but sea and river pollution can be especially detrimental to the health of humans and animals. In some areas water transport is the only viable means available.

Definition of water pollution:

Is an water damage by adding substances indirect or indirect way causes from human beings, that lead to damage in water ecology system which will decreases from normal water recycling.

Causes of Water Pollution:
1-Oil & Oil Products.
2-Industrial Wates.
3-Untreated Sewage Water.
4-Agricultural Drainage Water.
5-Acid Rain.
6-Radioactive & Dangerous Wastes.

Fish kill in Kuwait:

In August 1998 there was about 2.000 tones of dead fish were washed into the gulf water in Kuwait creek. Streptococcus bacteria are the reason of fish killed.

The symptoms of streptococcal disease are:
1-Erratic swimming.
2-Whirling motion at the surface of the water.
3-Darkining of the skin.
5-Pop-eyes and small lesions on the fish body.

An antibiotic is specific cure of the streptococcal disease.

Water pollution after invasion:

Kuwait environment has been damage from Iraq invasion (1990-1991). The Iraqi force had massive demolition of oil wells, storage facilities EST.
In January 1991 Iraq force start and begin pumping the oil from storage tanks and tankers directly in to the sea. They released 11 million barrels of oil. The water temperature of the sea decreased by several degrees. In February 1991 Iraq force destroyed 1.164 Kuwaiti oil wells. The desert also has damage by the oil such that there become oil lakes in the desert, which had covered 19km2 that affect the ground water.

This demolition effect and pollute the marine life, animals and human health. The oil lakes are evaporate to toxin which is poison substance into atmosphere so that its effect the air and living organisms. A lot of birds have been died because they took the oil spills as water source. 30.000 seabirds were killed in the Gulf war also many fish were killed because of the oil that has been pumped in to the sea (water pollution).

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

My name is shaima`a im 18 years old and im from kuwait.Im studying in kuwait university .In my blog i will talke about the water pollution in kuwait (1991-2003)

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Water Pollution in Kuwait (Intro.1) 


Water pollution in Kuwait is a major environmental, currently.

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